Jane Christie: Pilates Institute
Qualified Instructor

Jane Christie - Pilates Instructor

Jane Christie is qualified to teach Matwork Pilates. She has CYQ level 3 certification.

She is on the Register of Exercise Professionals, membership number  R0066614 (REPS). Members of REPs work within a strict code to ensure the highest level of professional standards in their work. Instructors can only register with appropriate qualifications.

Jane graduated from Stirling University with an honours degree in psychology in 1984. She spent 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry before having her children.

Jane began practising Pilates when her children were young, she found the benefits included better posture and a dramatic improvement in tone, flexibility and balance. Fascinated by the Pilates method and finding it more mindful than many other forms of exercise she began training to teach Pilates with the Pilates Institute in 2008. Jane is continuously updating her training and knowledge of Pilates.

Jane teaches both mat classes (on a Pilates mat on the floor) and chair classes - for participants who remain seated during the class. She teaches several options for each move, so participants work within their own body’s capabilities on that day.

Evangelical about the benefits of Pilates, Jane has found most people benefit from the practice, whatever their level of aerobic fitness.

Pilates & MS

There is much anecdotal evidence of the benefits of Pilates for those who have M.S. In 2010 the physiotherapists based at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh carried out a study to examine the effects of Pilates on people with multiple sclerosis who use a wheelchair. Jane was the sole Pilates instructor for the study.

The study was published in Disability and Rehabilitation in 2013. The study showed that Pilates or core stability exercises are feasible for people with MS who use a wheel chair. Statistically significant improvements compared to baseline were found in functional reach tests, posture, pain and the impact of M.S on daily life. Pain relief was mainly around the neck and shoulder area and also the back. The qualitative component of the study also confirmed that the classes were enjoyable.

Training in Pilates

Kick Start Uk Tour, Pilates workshops and masterclasses - standing Pilates, partner Pilates, hands and feet workouts - Michael King Pilates - January 2018

MOTR more than a Roller, The Pelvic Floor, The Shoulder - The Pilates Gathering - September 2017

MK Pilates Barre - Michael King - April 2017

The pink Ribbon Program - International post-operative work out enhancing breast cancer recovery - June 2015

Pilates Progressions and the Shoulder Girdle - Michael King Pilates - July 2014

Pilates Based Exercise for M.S. by Mariska Breland – March 2014

Modified to Original Moves – September 2012

Mini Ball and Bands – August 2011

In Service training on Remedial Pilates (E.S.I.C) – January 2011

In service training on Remedial Pilates (E.S.I.C) – November 2010

Mat for all with Lolita San Miguel – September 2010

Mat for Seniors with Lolita San Miguel – September 2010

Level 3 (CYQ) Pilates Training Qualification – October 2009

Pilates Institute Matwork 1 (OCR Level 2) – April 2008

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Jane Christie teaches Pilates in South Edinburgh.

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