“In the five years I’ve been doing Pilates this is the first class I have “found” my core – excellent teaching!” C. Edinburgh

“I am a complete beginner to Pilates and decided to try it after a recommendation from my physio. So far I’m really enjoying it and feel great after class.” N. Shaughnessy

“Just love it!” S

“Learning Pilates techniques has helped me enormously with my M.S. Fine tuning each move has not only reawakened muscles that had long been asleep particularly in my feet and legs, but has also helped me relax and improve my outlook.

My walking style, speed and balance have all greatly improved, reducing the need for over-reliance on walking aids. Since starting with Jane I have gone from mainly using a wheelchair to mainly using elbow crutches and, for shorter distances, a walking stick. I can even climb a few stairs! The freedom this gives me is amazing. I’m determined to continue working with Jane and to use Pilates to keep on improving.” S.H.

“Jane has a calm and gentle manner however really applies her knowledge of anatomy to the classes. Jane is able to tailor moves to individuals with understanding of disabilities and varying strength levels. The class is friendly and non-judgemental. I suffer from arthritis and have 4 children (lax muscles) and have found real benefits from these classes” L.C.

“Great class – particularly to strengthen up those muscles you may have “lost” post babies!” J. T.

“The class challenges you as an individual whilst making you feel part of the group” S.H.

“Jane gives plenty of options to suit most levels of fitness” R.W.

“I really feel I am stronger and more streamlined from coming to Jane’s classes.” E.M.

“Jane is great at making sure everyone is working at a level that suits them” J.L.

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Jane Christie teaches Pilates in South Edinburgh.

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