Q . What is matwork Pilates?

A. Matwork Pilates takes place on a Pilates mat on the floor of a studio or hall. Sometimes small equipment is used such as a stretchy band or a small ball.

Q. What other types of Pilates are there?

A. Joe Pilates developed several pieces of equipment on which various Pilates moves could be performed. There are several studios dotted throughout the UK which house the equipment.

Q. Who will benefit from doing Pilates?

A. A wide range of people will benefit from strengthening their core. A few people dealing with certain issues (e.g. slipped disc) should not attend Pilates classes. A good instructor will screen you first to ensure his/her classes are appropriate for you.

Q. I am pregnant and I’ve heard Pilates is good for you when you’re having a baby?

A. Like most forms of exercise, Pilates is probably better mastered for the first time when your body is not undergoing the dramatic changes it experiences during pregnancy. If you become pregnant you should tell your instructor so she/he can ensure the moves you do are appropriate for you. Possibly, you may consider taking a break from Pilates if your instructor prefers not to teach pregnant ladies. Many instructors will not accept pregnant ladies who have not done Pilates before into their classes.

Q. I have frequent back ache and my friend told me Pilates is great for backs?

A. The cause of your back ache will dictate whether Pilates classes are appropriate for you. If you are not sure of the cause of your back pain you need to consult a health professional such as a physiotherapist. If your back gives you a dull ache at the end of a long stressful day, it may be that you could benefit from learning to relax some muscles as well as strengthening others. Pilates might help you. If your back pain is because your pelvis is out of position (for example) then you need to see a good physiotherapist and wait for their go-ahead before you start Pilates. If you have a slipped disc or nerve pain (pain that shots down your legs or arms, or feels almost electrical in nature) then you should consult a medical professional; at this time a Pilates class would be inappropriate for you. Once your issues had been resolved by a health professional, you would need their go ahead before you could consider Pilates. He or she may advise you to do one to one Pilates with an instructor who is qualified to teach remedial Pilates.

Q. I have low back pain in my sacro iliac joint. Can I do Pilates?

A. The medical professional who had diagnosed the source of your pain would give you the go ahead when they felt it was safe for you could consider doing Pilates.

Q. I’ve just had a baby and I want to get my body back in shape. Can Pilates help?

A. Pilates can help as your core is affected by pregnancy and child birth. You can resume Pilates as early as 6 weeks after giving birth (normal delivery) and 12 weeks after a caesarean section provided a health professional has given you the go-ahead. Your qualified instructor will ensure the moves you do are appropriate for your recovering body.

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